About Us

Founded in the year 2000, Kanda Fruit Process Company currently holds a premier and reputable position in promoting agro produce of Afghanistan. Started with high ethical values and a dream to harness the abundant natural resources and channelize the potential human resources in order to benefit the local community and to offer to the world the uniqueness of Afghanistan, a group of entrepreneurs from Afghanistan, who basically belong to a traditional/ancestral background of agricultureand farmingdating back to 1935, have joined hands with Freshacres Agri India Pvt Ltd., a joint venture company in India with a Netherlands based partner, for the purpose of sustainable development of agriculture in Afghanistan backed by development of supporting post-harvest infrastructure for handling fresh and processed fresh fruits and vegetables.

This unique venture offers a platform for transfer of technology and expertise between the local entrepreneurs with a firm belief of contributing positively to bring about a positive change together with Indian partners, in association with the Dutch, so as to be able to offer an integrated business model for sustainable development of agriculture in Afghanistan.

Together with its committed and loyal partners, Kanda Fruit has established itself as a trustworthy source that has at its core a commitment to quality. Kanda Fruit has shown tremendous growth since its establishment and, as one of the fastest growing independent fruit exporting in Afghanistan, Kanda Fruit has been able to position itself as a key player in the Afghan fruit exporting industry.

Till today, Kanda Fruit has produced profitable results. Nowadays, the company is overall focusing on the needs of large distribution worldwide. We believe in endless expansion, highest quality and efficiency and keeping our promises to the customers.

The outside world still sees Afghanistan with bioscope as a nation having two diverse characteristics. On one hand, it is struggling to get out of its troublesome past, which, it has successfully done to a great extent with the able support of helping countries; on the other hand, it is a country which offers virgin territory for business to flourish.

We envisage a bigger and better future for the nation, fully aware of its troublesome past. We believe every human being dreams of a sustainable livelihood. A positive initiative towards employment and sustainable income generation can ensure realization of such dreams. Hereby, through our business model, we envisage our activities to benefit socioeconomic upliftment of the people, positively contribute to the environment, ensure application of technology for sustainable development of agriculture and work on the principles of sustainability and fair trade.

We believe in the symbiotic principle on which this universe survives. Nature teaches that we all have to give back from where we extract resources to live and thrive. At Kanda Fruit, we value the ample resources at our helm and specifically put a very high value on the human resources. We understand the fact that, in our case, we have been blessed with an exemplary opportunity to execute our responsibilities towards the society which needs able shoulders to support any such responsibilities for the betterment of the community in general.

As a part of our Social Corporate Responsibility program, we have funded the construction of the Pallet Scanner Building at the Kandahar International Airfield in order to aid logistics and facilitate movement of cargo efficiently.

As envisaged, we believe in the overall development of all partners in the entire producer-consumer chain, to be able to achieve our goal for becoming a leading organization in the agriculture business in Afghanistan. We work hand-in-glove with all our associate growers, educating them about Good Agricultural Practices, providing exposure to international expertise, teaching precision agriculture techniques, lending consultancy for integrated farm management and product development – all as a part of our Social Corporate Responsibility, with the sole intention of making Afghan agriculture self-sustainable and globally competitive to ensure optimum income generation to the farming community which will ensure a better standard of living for them.

We further intend to set up educational institutes for the local community in order to ensure that, while they toil hard for a better future, their children are not deprived of their basic right to education.

Our activities are environment-friendly and positively contribute to the environment. Through promotion and application of precision agriculture techniques, we ensure optimum utilization of natural resources – especially water, the most valuable and rapidly depleting natural resource. Through Good Agricultural Practices, we ensure minimum use of agro-chemicals. In our processes, we ensure there is no generation of industrial effluents or any other toxic agents which contribute to environmental pollution. Thus, we strive to contribute positively in maintaining the natural environmental biodiversity as a part of our Social Corporate Responsibility towards the nature.

AID Social Support Activities

The aim of AID Group is to support the new generation youth of Afghanistan. AID group of companies has done a lot of social activities for the better future of Afghan youth i.e. Donated Fund and supported the deaf and dumb students and helped in developing their school, Supported Cricket teams all over Afghanistan. Supported widow women and had fought against child labor. The followings are the Main Activities done by AID group of companies in support of Afghan Society.

AID group of companies has invited many cricket teams from different cities of Afghanistan and many important personalities has shown their support for the development of Afghan cricket team and to rise new youth in this game, help them to develop their skills in this game, increase their capacities in cricket and shown respect and love for them.

The Chief executive of AID Group of companies Mr. jalaluddin Saeed said that support of AID Group of companies will be always with them. In this conference other important personalities also shown their support for Afghan cricket team, i.e. Parliament Members other businessmen and cricket teams.

Students in Afghanistan are studying in a very difficult situation and in very low method. In this situation studying and learning for deaf and dumb youth is very difficult in Afghanistan, AID group of companies has done a lot of supporting programs and activities for these students in Kandahar, to learn in a better way and achieve their goals.

President of AID Group of companies with Deaf and Dumb Students The Chief Executive of AID group of companies Mr. Jalaluddin Saeed has shown his sympathy and support for the development of school and help them to dream for their bright future.

In last few decades many childes has became orphans and lost their parents in fight, AID group of Companies has constituted many activities and developing programs for these students and supported them to learn and study in schools and helped them to reach their goals.

AID group of companies also supported childes against child laboring, helped to study and stop doing difficult jobs. AID group of companies helped Shapoor Zadran in doing operation of his son in Scorp hospital in India due to hole in his heart. Support to Widow Women in Afghanistan In Afghanistan due to fights, there is a lots of widows, AID group of Companies helped them financial, showed full sympathy and love to them to run their life without difficulties and earn their livings.