Kanda Fruit is the leading company in Afghanistan which possesses state-of-the art infrastructure to support its business activities.

This unique venture offers a platform for transfer of technology and expertise between the local entrepreneurs with a firm belief of contributing positively to bring about a positive change together with Indian partners, in association with the Dutch, so as to be able to offer an integrated business model for sustainable development of agriculture in Afghanistan.

  • We have purchased land at the Kandahar Industrial Park, Shorandam for the purpose of setting up ultra-modern facilities for handling fresh as well as processed agricultural products.
  • We also posses the best-in-class reefer transport to facilitate logistics of perishable products within the country as well as to ferry the products to the ports for further carriage forward.
  • Through our association with our international partners, we own state-of-the art post-harvest management facilities in India which consist of pack houses, pre-cooling and cold storage facilities for facilitating our fresh fruits & vegetables business.
  • We also have joined hands with our Indian partners in being a part of a pomegranates processing facility in India. It is a state-of-the art facility for mechanical extraction of pomegranate arils.
  • We plan to build one such facility in Afghanistan as well, understanding the fact that Afghanistan is only second to India in terms of production of pomegranates; and with a dedicated and systematic approach, we have the potential to become the biggest company in agricultural sector in Afghanistan.

Our most invaluable asset is our human resource bank. We are a combination of local entrepreneurs who have joined hands with our international associates and together we form a formidable force which constitutes the core of our infrastructure.

Till today, Kanda Fruit has produced profitable results. Nowadays the company is overall focusing on the needs of large distribution worldwide. We believe in endless expansion, highest quality and efficiency and keeping our promises to the customers.

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